Sunday, August 14, 2011

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Friday, August 5, 2011

city chic.

pretending this is me & my gal pal. walking through our city, living life :) who's up for the challenge? (/ move)!

hair & the edge....

She nailed it on the Howard Stern the other day. Pun intended! ;)

her voice astounds me :) and i love her.

oh, bee.

you're just the cutest. can we be friends? and she lives in san fran. lucky betch.

something about these colors....

are soothing, sophisticated, and seem to call to me! I love them. Especially the leather couch with nailheads as a contrast...just beautiful!
These images are from Amber, who transformed her & her hubby's 1940s house into a home on a very tight budget. Danielle, one of my daily reads, featured her. Well done, Amber! 

i am 20% ready for fall....


especially when I see nail polish shades like this.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

meet my new friend.

we met this evening at towson town center :) he comes to me with only a $9 price tag thanks to my wonderful friends, family, extended family and boyfriend who gave me the means to buy the best birthday present EVER for myself. HELLO, tortoise shell and gold with all my fall outfits. I'm never taking him off. THANKS, to all my loves!

let's have a little chat...

...about CC Skye. And the fact that her designs were MADE for me. Really. Truly. I'm pretty sure her style embodies what I love wearing. Here are some of my favorites! Check out the rest of her designs here.

warning: you will need a hankie.

nick+maria • england wedding from Paperback Weddings on Vimeo.

no words. if you don't watch it the whole way through, that's a crime.